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Hurley Marine – Innovative Marine Products

As one of the worlds leading marine accessory manufacturers, and OEM, we know that the delivery of quality products is made possible by the talent and dedication of our talented staff.  At Hurley Marine, the professionalism of our entire team is an essential part of our continued success.  Our philosophy is all about professional entrepreneurship and providing the very best possible products and service to our clients.

It is our team’s passion to provide you with high quality goods that enhance your boating pleasure.  Over the years, we’ve worked hard to create one of the most popular brands in the U.S. for marine accessories and are now happy to share our products internationally. Our primary focus is on the people and increasing enjoyment, rather than on gaining huge profits.  We hope you give us the opportunity to improve a small part of your world.

Founder Captain Todd R. Hurley

Captain Todd Hurley, owner of Hurley Marine, not only has a lifetime of boating experience but has a diversified background as a Merchant Marine Captain, business owner, manager and hands-on entrepreneur.

More than a decade ago, Todd had an idea for an easier way to secure the dinghy to the platform of a boat, making it easy to access, secure and launch.  In that moment, he conceptualized the Hurley Marine Davit and would soon reinvent on-deck dinghy storage for the entire marine industry  He now assists countless boaters globally.

Inspiration was the source of invention for Todd once again when he patented an innovative design for underwater lights that requires no holes in the hull.  Installation is quick and easy.  Prior to these Trim Tab Lights, consumers only had the option of  Thru Hull Lights, requiring large holes below the waterline.  The old style lamps had to be replaced from inside of the boat.  A major problem with the old design is that most of boaters don’t have the space in the engine room required to replace the bulb. The Hurley Trim Tab Lights eliminate this issue.  The lights are also fully adjustable using the trim controls.

The Drain Plug Light is yet another invention that yeilds great convenience.  It provides boaters an easy, cost-effective way to light up their sterns.  Installation is as simple as unscrewing your drain plug, slipping the power cord in, and screwing the Drain Plug Light into your garboard drain.  It is an easy way to enhance the ambience during nighttime boating. test

Our Crew

Pete Breclaw

Pete Breclaw

Production / R&D Director

Pete helps plot and navigate full lifecycle product development and production.  He makes sure the finished product meets Hurley quality standards.  His knowledge and flexibility is key to our success. With his ability to quickly identify and resolve technical challenges, he’ll work closely with you to solve any technical issues that may arise.
Kelly Walch

Kelly Walch

Brand Ambassador

Kelly grew up on the water and will quickly take the helm without hesitation.  With her wealth of knowledge of boating and Hurley products, she manages branding and all social media channels.  Kelly also assists in sales and is always available to answer any questions you may have.  Give her a hail!

Leslie Walch

Leslie Walch

Global Sales Manager

Leslie has an unwavered commitment to customer satisfaction and is willing to help guide you through your Davit Worksheet or answer any questions you may have.  She has a strong background in sales and knows the importance behind customer satisfaction.  Watch for her in the Hurley Marine booth at many of the upcoming boat shows.

Our Home Port

Home port, Escanaba, Michigan, is centrally located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the beautiful waters of Green Bay’s Little Bay de Noc.  Captain Hurley feels fortunate to have been able cruise the Great Lakes.  It is on these lakes where he gained his experience and inspiration for most of his life. “I’ve been boating all my life,” Todd says. “My ideas for new products often result from my experiences on the water.”

Hurley Marine was created by a passionate boater solving boating needs.  The flagship products, the Dinghy Davits and Underwater Lights, changed the status quo.  Hurley Marine is now an industry leader in providing boat accessaries.  We are confident that these products will continue to allow boaters to experience the type of  nautical outings they desire and deserve.

Escanaba Marina