AR-15 Gun Display / Cleaning Stand Hurley AR-15 Gun Displays, Stands, and Wall Mounts

AR-15 Gun Displays.  Constructed using King ColorCore Marine Grade plastic.  These durable display racks for AR-15 style rifles are impervious to rot, corrosion, fading, and chemicals.  Perfect for wall or tabletop display, fireplace mantel, gun show, or retail store setting.

Put Your Guns on Display

Many of our customers want a way to not only store their weapons, but they want to show off a few of them as well. You won’t find a better-designed product on the market, it looks professional, and it’s extremely functional.

Universal Modular Gun Rack System

All of our products are based on the same unique patterns, giving you maximum design and storage options. If you need to store a lot of guns in a small area, or you are just looking for a beautiful way to display your weapons, our accessories give you tons of choices.

Wall Racks mount easily to a wall and support an AR-15 rifle with a vertical magazine that inserts into the magazine well.

Tactical Gun Display or Cleaning AR Rifle Stand.  Simply insert the vertical magazine adapter in your magazine well, and the rifle locks in place.  Press the magazine release to remove.

Display your rifles in unique ways and it allows for fitting a rack in tight spaces. It’s the perfect rifle rack solution for those who want flexibility in their design!

A few shapes to choose from Upper Peninsula of Michigan Display, Oblong Stand Display, and a  Magazine Vise Block / Grip, and others!

Custom bulk orders available!