Why we don’t use bunk rollers on our davit systems

Hurley Marine H2O Dinghy Davit Systems

Davit Systems & Bunk Roller . . .  Many of our competitors that have chosen to copy our design and have included bunk rollers.  Right off the bat when we first designed this system we opted out of that idea. The reason being is that it’s like a roller bunk on a boat trailer opposed to a regular bunk system and only gives you small tiny contact points to the hull.

With a regular bunk system you get more surface area contact allowing for a very stable and secure ride.  In addition, with our side loading systems, you can retrieve from either the front or side of the davit.  The roller system only allows one way of retrieval and has a very small foot-print for each roller for contact and the chines of a hard bottom dinghy often get hung up on the large rollers. When the rollers are used for a bunk system they don’t really aide much in ease of retrieval and allow for more parts to corrode and breakdown.