Underwater Lights, Choosing the Right one

Hurley Boat Lights blue LED

Boat Lights

LED Underwater Lights:  Every boat that has Hurley Marine LED underwater lights on it will stand out, that’s a fact. But standing out is not enough. We want to set your boat light worlds apart from the rest because that’s what our technology is:  worlds apart.

Choosing the right number of LED underwater lights and placement of lights is important.  Our vision of optimal underwater boat lighting, or yacht lighting for that matter, is a shadow-free, uniform, un-broken glow, with deep penetration.  Most “other” underwater lighting products create discrete, individual light sources, making your boat look like a string of Christmas lights.  This is not desirable.  We aim for an unobstructed, unbroken, uniform flood of light.  No discrete sources, no pinpoint lights. We want one, big, bright halo surrounding your boat.

Our LED Sea-Vue Light series will do just that and are suitable for both large and small vessels. Color is also a very important choice.  We offer White, Blue, Green, Red and our RGB LEDs create the full spectrum of colors.

White lends a more classic, timeless look.  We recommend White for the more classic and timeless boats.  White will never go out of style.  Think, Hinckley, Westport. Also, trawler-type boats, New England cruisers, and lobster-style boats get thrown in that mix.  Blue is a color we tend to push more towards modern styled vessels and sport fishing boats, like a Lazzara or a Viking.  Green is very popular with the fisherman and the go-fast crowd that wants to keep the color schemas of their boats.  Red is also popular with the high-performance group.

Our multi-color changing RGB LED Sea-Vue lighting system provides the ultimate in an underwater lighting experience.  We have done some amazing things with these boat lights and they are incredibly popular.  Now, you don’t have to decide on one color for your underwater lights.  These boat lights take all your decisions away.  By selecting various combinations of wavelengths this LED light will emit beautiful and bright vibrant colors across a wide color spectrum with 20 different modes.  This underwater LED boat light also offers the user the convenience of an underwater light that can produce millions of unique color combinations or just your favorite solid color of White, Blue, Green, and/or Red.

If it’s about fishing you will want to light it up to attract small baitfish, attracting larger fish and (hopefully) those big trophy catches. Imagine your own personal aquarium off the swim platform of your boat and you don’t have to clean the bowl.

No matter how you look at it, these LED underwater lights are perfect for Night Fishing, Diving, Swimming, Dinghy Launch / Retrieval, or just for Ambiance!