Online Dinghy Davit WorksheetDinghy Davit Worksheet

Dinghy Davit Worksheet – When you are looking to order a Hurley Dinghy Davit, the first step is filling out our Online Dinghy Davit Worksheet. We do not keep measurements on file based on vessel or dinghies types, because all combinations are different.  We absolutely want to make sure the Davit system we recommend is going to work with your set up.

We do not keep measurements on file based on vessel or dinghy types . . .

The online Hurley Dinghy Davit worksheet will ask for Platform Length, Width and Depth. We ask how high the platform sits off the water because the higher the distance, the harder the retrieval.  As for the dinghy, we need to know the length and the beam of the dinghy.  This will tell us how much of the dinghy will be able to sit on the platform and which size mounts will work.  Also the weight of the inflatable is extremely important.

Finally, we encourage you to send us pictures of your platform and dinghy. By doing all this it paints a picture for us so then we can suggest the correct davit and components for you.