Hurley Marine, Inc.

Did You Know . . .

Hurley Marine, Inc. has brought numerous Innovative Designs to the table for boaters.

When something new comes along and changes the marine industry for the better, it usually doesn’t build off mainstream standards~it blazes its own trail completely.

1. Hurley Marine did just that and changed the status quo with their Hurley Dinghy Davits. Being the original designer of the pivoting cradle type davit, Hurley’s hassle-free systems mount seamlessly to your boat’s swim platform while providing the dinghy with a bunk system that pivots off of the swim platform. There are no other dinghy davits that compare!.

2. Hurley Marine is the original designer of the Trim Tab Lights and has that patented design. Prior to the Trim Tab Lights, manufacturers and the consumer only had Thru Hull Lights which required large holes below the waterline and boasted that the lamp could be replaced from inside the boat. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the room in our engine room to perform this maneuver. So now this patented revolutionary “rock-like” lighting system is designed to easily attach to the top-side of your trim tabs and has no penetration to the hull below the waterline. Unleash Your Aquatic World!

3. Same as the trim tabs, the drain plug has always been there and we found a new way to use it!  It’s as simple as un-screwing your drain plug, slipping the power cord in, and easily screw the Drain Plug Light into your garboard drain with 1/2″ NPT threads. No penetration to the hull and perfect for the stand-alone light on a small fishing boat or to complement other underwater lights.

Our research and development (R&D) team has allowed us to provide the consumer with the very best in design and quality for versatility and years of enjoyment.

Make sure it says “Hurley”. . .  Sold Worldwide!