Key Dimensions to Determine Davit Mount Size

Davit Mount Size – For use with the Hurley Traditional and H2O davits . . . 

Davit Mount Size

A = Swim platforms internal width
B = Platforms depth (transom to edge)
C = Distance from top of the platform to the water
D = Beam of dinghy


To determine what davit mount size will work best for you, measure the beam of your dinghy, divide by 2 and add 4 inches.  Now measure your platform (transom to the end).

You must add a number below to your platform length figure in order to determine which mount to use.

Example: If your dinghy width is 60″ then divide by 2 + 4″ = 34″.  Swim platform is 32″.  By adding 2″ to the platform would make it equal to the dinghy width of 34″ so then you would have chosen the 6″ mount.

  • 0″- 2″ for the 6″ Mount
  • 2″- 4″ for the 8″ Xtensions
  • 4″- 6″ for the 10″ Xtensions
  • 6″+  for the 36″ Xtensions

Hint: 4 inches of the mount must be used to secure the platform.

If you’re having problems determining the right Davit Mount Size, fill out our Davit Worksheet or give us a hail at  1.906. 553.6249