Muskrat Guard – Make Sure it’s a Good Fit!Hurley Muskrat Guard

Hurley Muskrat Guard is for any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger, is at risk. A Muskrat, Water Rat, Otter, or other vermin, can and will, swim up the exhaust to chew through a coupling hose to the inside of the boat or make a den. This also includes boats with underwater exhausts, as these rodents & vermin usually look for underwater entrances, leading upwards to hollowed out chambers. This is how many boats sink, even while tied to the dock. Protect your investment! Marine insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by ‘vermin’, which includes muskrats & otters.

Hurley Marine Muskrat Guards are 316 stainless steel, adjustable and install inside the exhaust ports. Guards are adjusted outward by stainless rods creating friction to the inside of the port, with no penetrationto the hull. Installs in minutes. Protection available in difference sizes depending upon the size of your exhaust.

To properly measure take a piece of semi-rigid wire and wrap it around completely in the circumference (inside) of the exhaust port. Lay your wire out and measure that length, now divide that measurement by 3.14 to determine the hole size.

NOTE:  It’s important that we get the correct measurement of both exhaust port holes. We have found that not both exhaust ports are the same size. A 1/4″ can make a difference for a bad fit.

This product is also known as an Exhaust Mixer for when backing down on fish to mix the exhaust with water to keep the fumes from entering the cockpit or to just minimize the diesel soot on the stern of your boat.