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LED Puck Light


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The Hurley LED Puck Light ™ is an innovative and inexpensive underwater lighting system for boats of all sizes. Perfect for the stand-alone light on a small fishing boat, for live wells, dock lights, or to complement other underwater lights.

Proof is in the Power . . . 

The 20/2 power cable can either go straight into the transom or can be routed up the transom and then in above the waterline.

This 12/24 volt light system is designed to flush mount or add a drain plug bracket that easily screws into your garboard drain with 1/2” NPT threads for a drain plug light.

Available in: White, Blue, Green or Red.

Please send us pictures once you have your new lights installed.

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Hurley LED Puck light

The LED Puck Light housing is constructed of Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene resin) so there is no corrosion problems and extends out from the transom by 2 inches. Each light is fitted with an impressive high intensity 10 watt LED that incorporates a revolutionary glass convex lens producing a 75º beam spread. Suitable for small to large boats utilizing 12/24 volt power.

Overheat sensor and low and high voltage shutdown are all in this little self-contained housing, there is no additional driver or power supply to install. To aid in its cooling while lit, we've designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra-long life span. Easy maintenance!

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Additional information


Chemically Resistant Polymer


Convex Borosilicate Glass


10w High Intensity LED


75 degree


12/24 volt DC


.75 amp @ 12v


40,000+ Hours





Cord Length:

5 feet


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