Hurley H3O+ (PLUS) Dinghy Davit

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Hurley H3O+ (PLUS) Dinghy Davit ®

  (Hurley’s 3rd Option) . . .  the Hottest Dinghy Davits on the market!

The rugged H3O+ Dinghy Davit system lets you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push off for launching.

  • CAD design software was used throughout the product development cycle of this complex design yet simple for easy use.
  • Impressive combination of design and function with superior quality & craftsmanship.
  • Universal linear bunk design to fit a multitude of hull designs such as ribs, rigid tenders, jet skis ( Sea-Doo Spark ), and other craft.
  • Made of Marine Grade High-Density Polyethylene for strength and to reduce friction during retrieval and launching.
  • Ideal for high swim platforms, docks and/or heavy tenders.
  • Our revolutionary new stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint profile that could pull a barge.
  • Easily mounted on the swim platform and can be installed while the vessel is in the water, in most cases.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

H3O+ (Plus) stats

  • Larger frame for heavier tenders.
  • Winch Options:  Electric 12v winch with remote control and battery pack or Braking hand winch available.
  • Removable & collapsible 6′ winch arm.
  • Adjustable inner bunk system for added support.
  • Overall Weight:  90 pounds (40.82 kg).
  • 725 pounds (328.85 kg) capacity.
  • H3O+ Davit Extension available.

If you need more room on your platform for your tender, add a Davit Extension.

Review our Recommended Tie-Down Method

Need help?  Complete our Davit Worksheet to help us determine which components you’ll need.


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H3O+ (PLUS) Dinghy Davit System

The Hurley H3O Davit moving image installation process The Hurley H3O+ (PLUS) Dinghy Davit ® is specifically designed for the retrieval and stowage of a rib dinghy / hard hulled tender, Jet Skis (H3O+ works great with the Sea-Doo Spark).  All use the linear bunk system for your boat or dock. The NEW H3O+ (Plus) has all the great features of the H3O but has a larger frame for heavier loads, includes inner bunks, and comes standard with a 6' Winch Arm.

The H3O+ (Plus) can muscle up to 725 pounds (328.85 kg) and longer loads up to 13' (3.96m) with ease.  Either a Braking Hand Winch or Electric 12v Winch are available as options. A davit extension is available for smaller platforms

Each davit system has a stainless steel mount plate (includes a pair) footprint that requires only two bolts for the installation and only stands 5/8" high.   This mounting system provides a quick release leaving a clear deck for any activity. Mount Covers are available.

Easily mounted on the swim platform, these hassle-free systems let you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push it off for launching.  Always available in an emergency.

The H3O+ (Plus) will need to have the workable depth (transom to swim platform edge) of at least half of the beam of your tender plus 4" inches, as well as other configurations of your vessel.   Give us a hail or fill out our Davit Worksheet to let us help you figure it all out! Make Sure it says "HURLEY" . . .  Made in Michigan, Sold Globally!

Featured in the 2015 Miami International Boat Show "Innovation Award Program" Featured in the "Product Showcase" of the 2015 Miami International Boat Show... Featured in the 2014 METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

H3O+ Purchase includes H30+ Dinghy Davit ® with inner bunks, 12 Volt Electric Winch with Battery, Remote, Winch Arm, or Braking Manual Hand Winch and Mounts.  Mounting bolts are not included Total shipping weight 96 pounds.

Two Year Warranty on the davit, 90 days on the winch.

Fill out our Davit Worksheet to help us determine if the H3O will work for you.

H3O+ (Plus) Dinghy Davit ®
H3O+ (Plus) Instruction Manual  »
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Additional Information

Weight92 lbs
Dimensions41 × 19 × 9 in
Select Davit Model

H3O+ (Plus) w/ Hand Winch – $3,789.95, H3O+ (Plus) w/ Electric Winch – $4,389.95, Black H3O+ (Plus) w/ Hand Winch – $3,789.95, Black H3O+ (Plus) w/ Electric Winch – $4,389.95

1 review for Hurley H3O+ (PLUS) Dinghy Davit

  1. Gordon M. Reynolds

    I have been boating on Lake Michigan for 43 years. In those years I have had many occasions of dealing with the best, safest method for having my Dinghy stored on my swim platforms of the 4 boats I have had. While they were all safe and acceptable, the ease and utilization factor have always been a level of concern. That has been true, up until the point where I decided upon the H30+ system offered by Hurley. I purchased the system 3 years ago for my 42′ 4270 Cruisers. The system has been fantastic! At my young age of 76, I have found the system to be extremely user friendly. It loads and unloads from my platform, in an easy safe manner. I am in the process of planning another trip from my home port of Grand Haven, Michigan, North to Mackinaw Island. I will make several stops along the way. I look forward to the opportunities I will have to use my Dinghy and to have the very safe, and useable opportunity to put it back on the boat, in a safe and easy manner. Over the years, I have had several Dinghy systems. This is by far, the most safe, easy system. Thank you for developing it.
    Gordon M. Reynolds

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