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Custom-fit Highfield Trim Tabs for the Ultralite (UL) 290-340 and all Classic (CL) tenders.

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Highfield Trim Tabs

Hurley Marine and Highfield Boats have teamed up for custom-fit Highfield Trim Tabs for the Ultralite (UL) 290-340 and all Classic (CL) tenders.  These awesome Trim Tabs are easily installed and very functional.  Clever design allows tabs to be in the UP position and locked & stowed to allow the tender to be tied down with no obstruction. Four settings: -5°, 0°, 5°, & 10°.  As an extension of the boat's running surface, Hurley Tabs change the performance and handling characteristics.  Allows the boat to plane easier and faster. 10" x 9.5".

A Philips screwdriver and a little dab of sealant are required for installation.

  • Reduced bow rise
  • Smoother and faster acceleration
  • Improved stability with minimal porpoising
  • Better handling for safety



  • Instructions
  • Template for easy installation
  • Mounting Nylon Nuts & Bolts
  • Removable Struts with Stainless Steel Pins


An inflatable dinghy is a vital part of any cruising boat equipment. The ability to move around makes anchoring almost as good as being in a Marina. However, choosing an inflatable requires some trade-off between size and storage space onboard. Large inflatables may be desirable but they take up too much space.

Smaller inflatables do not have the speed or capacity of larger ones nor do they have smooth rides. Smaller dinghies lack the surface area for proper lift and without the length, they bounce around in waves. The extra surface of the trim tab adds to the planning ability and second, the adjustment of the trim tab lets you control the attitude of the boat to the water.

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Additional Information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9.5 × 3 in


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