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Hurley Marine has re-tooled in order to make face shields headbands and in conjunction with Andex Industries who is providing the shields we can now offer them in quantity.

Our PET clear plastic lens measuring 11.5″ x 8.5″ is generous in protecting the face from sneezing, coughing, and other germs. Our bulk pack is great for medical and other personnel working with the public.

These shields fit over loops and glasses.

Feedback from physicians and infection control groups suggests that the Face Shield product is suitable for reuse with appropriate cleaning in between patients. Each health care worker should determine appropriate use / reuse protocols based on a review of the product by an Infection Control group.

Cleaning the Face Shield: Face Shields delivered to facilities should be considered non-sterile. Consult the CDC for the latest guidance on disinfectants known to be effective against COVID-19. The following cleaning materials may be appropriate: This sneezing shield is latex-free, non-sterile, and made in the USA.

Kit Includes:
•   1 Headband (reusable)
•  2 Face Shields PET (reusable)
•  Elastic Band

Additional Shields:
• 5 Face Shields PET (reusable)

Headband colors may vary!

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