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Underwater Lights by Hurley Marine

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A world leader in high quality underwater lights. Sea-Vue Trim Tab Lights The "Sea-Vue" series are 12vdc / 24vdc, high output LED, made to last and used by boat owners and fisherman around the world. Our underwater lights are easy to use and highly effective . . . Perfect for night fishing, the bait fish will be attracted by the LED lights.  Predator fish will usually be deep under the light and a short distance away feeding on the bait fish around the perimeter of the lights glow.  I like to say it's like having your own aquarium, without having to clean the bowl. Hurley Marine makes RGB and solid color underwater lights, that trim tab or surface mount, to meet every need from night fishing and swimming to Dinghy launch and retrieval.  We also have an array of other light products including our patented HID Trim Tab Lights,  Halogen Trim Tab Lights, Drain [...]

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New Products Announced for 2014

By |February 22nd, 2014|Categories: Product News|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |Comments Off on New Products Announced for 2014

New Products for 2014 New Products:  We have added RGB LED lights to our Sea-Vue™ underwater boat light series.  This top-of-the-line Multi-Color Changing RGB LED lighting system provides the ultimate in underwater lighting experience.  We have done some amazing things with these lights and they are going to be incredibly popular with our LCS (Line Carrier Signal) technology.  Sea The Vue for more information! We are also excited to introduce our H3O (Hurley's 3rd Option) dinghy davit.  The H3O is specifically designed to allow the safe retrieval and stowage of a rib dinghy using a linear bunk system. A special feature of the H3O is the adjustable and removable winching system. The stainless steel mounting system and provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint and a clear deck for any activity.   It's Time to Launch Your H3O.   Fill-out our Davit Worksheet  to help us determine which system would be best for you!

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Last Day of the Miami Boat Show

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Miami Boat Show Monday, the beginning of the last day of the Miami Boat Show, and the sun is out once again.  The 5 days of the show the weather has been very nice compared to the last two years. This year we have seen some of our old customers and friends and have made many new.  It's been amazing that a lot of the show goers even made it down here considering all the bad weather and airline cancellations. Our most popular products this year were our RGB Sea-Vue Lights and, of course, the H2O Dinghy Davit.  In fact, we have already sold most of our display models right off our displays.  What a great start to the 2014 boating season! It has been another good year in Miami for Hurley Marine and we are looking forward to our new domestic and international dealers and customers. Thank you!

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RGB Boat Lights

By |February 11th, 2014|Categories: Product News|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |Comments Off on RGB Boat Lights

RGB Boat Lights at a NEW Level . . . Hurley RGB Boat Lights are top-of-the-line Multi-Color Changing RGB LED kaleidoscope underwater boat lights system that provide the ultimate underwater lighting experience.  We has done some amazing things with these lights which have made them incredibly popular. Sea-Vue LED's are super bright and offer a terrific range of multi-color-changing RGB lighting for the ultimate underwater light illumination.  By selecting millions of unique color combinations these RGB LED lights will emit beautiful and bright vibrant colors across a wide color spectrum with 20 different modes.  All of the light functions are controlled by their LCS (Line Carrying Signal) technology from the control box to each light. A remote control and a smartphone app are even included with this underwater light package. The lights are easy to install, simple to use and, best yet, affordable. Trim tab or surface mounted Sea-Vue LED [...]

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Miami International Boat Show

By |January 20th, 2014|Categories: Captain's Log|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

Miami International Boat Show . . .  We'll Be There! We, Hurley Marine, love going to the Miami International Boat Show each February.  We have been attending this show for years as it's a great opportunity for us to rub elbows with customers from across the globe. This is Florida's largest annual event and spans three locations-the Miami Beach Convention Center, the New Yacht & Power Boat Show at Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail® at Miamarina at Bayside-and features more than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the globe.  There's no better place to preview the new boating season! February 13-17, 2014  Stop and see us! Our booth is at the Sea Isle Marina booth #727, come to see us and say hello!

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Hate Drilling Holes in Your Boat?

By |December 11th, 2013|Categories: Tips & Techniques|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |Comments Off on Hate Drilling Holes in Your Boat?

Everyone hates drilling holes in their boat but sometimes it's a must. Drilling Holes??  Carefully plan your installation before you perform an installation. You know what they say, Measure twice, drill once! Before proceeding to drill check carefully to ensure that the hole will not affect the operation of other equipment in close proximity, nor compromise the integrity of the structure. Before drilling holes mark the position. It is good practice to use masking tape on the surface to be drilled then drill the hole through the tape. This will avoid scratching/chipping of the surrounding surface. Then, with a counter sink bit, lightly counter sink the surface.  This keeps spider crackes from forming after the bolt or screw is tightened down. After drilling and counter sinking the hole(s), apply a marine grade sealant (3M 5200) to the cut surface to ensure it is completely sealed against the ingress of moisture [...]

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Five Good Reasons to buy Trim Tab Lights

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Trim Tab Lights.  You and Your Boat Deserve the Best Design! 1. First and foremost, by using Trim Tab Lights there is no penetration to the hull below the waterline. The only hole is a small 1/4" hole through the transom above the water-line for the power cable. This design does not jeopardize the integrity of the hull as thru-hull lights do. Thru-hull lights require large holes below the waterline and boast that the lamp can be replace from inside the boat. Unfortunately most of us don't have the room in our engine room to perform this maneuver. 2. A perfect designed underwater lighting system should be easily attached to the top-side of your trim tabs and adaptable to most leveling systems without having to drill a lot of holes in the tabs. 3. Underwater Lights mounted to your Trim Tabs are now fully adjustable (up and down) by using [...]

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Multi-Color RGB Full Spectrum Lights!

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Thousands of different colors . . . RGB Full Spectrum Lights Multi-Color RGB Full Spectrum Lights! Hurley Marine now has a Multi Color Changing RGB LED lighting system to provide the ultimate underwater lighting experience. We have done some amazing things with these lights and they are going to be incredibly popular. Now, you don't have to decide on one color for your underwater LED lights. These lights take all your decisions away. By selecting various combinations of wavelengths this LED light will emit beautiful and bright vibrant colors across a wide color spectrum. Hurley Marine's exclusive Color-Changing underwater LED boat light also offers the user the convenience of a light that can produce millions of unique color combinations or just your favorite solid color of White, Blue, Green and/or Red. These lights can be operated with either our remote control and/or by your smart phone. Remote and Smartphone App included . . . [...]

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Hurley Marine Customer Service!

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Hurley Marine Customer Service . .  It's All About You! Hurley Marine Customer Service.  As one of the worlds leading marine accessory manufacturers, we know that the delivery of quality products is made possible by the talent and dedication of our elite staff. At Hurley Marine, we view the professionalism of our administrative staff and crew as an important part of our continued success. It's not only having the best products, but it's having the best employes serving the best customers, Thank You! Hurley Marine, Inc. is well known for its commitment to custom crafted marine technology throughout every phase of the fabrication and manufacturing process. Boat owners and professionals in the marine industry have come to expect superior quality from Hurley Marine and we are proud of the outstanding reputation that Hurley Marine has established for marine products that's known globally. Give us a try! Customer Service

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Drain Plug Lights

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Drain Plug Lights Drain Plug Lights are a great little light, with tons of power and are an innovative and inexpensive underwater lighting system for boats of all sizes. Perfect for the stand-alone light on a small fishing boat, for livewells, dock lights, or to complement other underwater lights. This 12/24 volt light system is designed to easily screw into your garboard drain with 1/2" NPT threads. No penetration to the hull!  The drain hole remains sealed if the light bracket is broken off.  Replace the drain plug bracket and re-use the light. This light can be easily removed from the bracket to be used as a flush mounted light. The LED Drain Plug Light housing is constructed of Polyvinyl Chloride so there is no corrosion problems and extends out from the transom by 2". Each light is fitted with an impressive high intensity 10 watt LED that incorporates a revolutionary glass convex lens producing a 75° beam [...]