Thank you: what a year

Thank You
Wow, what a year! To better state that . . .  what a GREAT year!  Hurley Marine hit the dock running this year . . .  Thank You!

We take great pride and are well known for our commitment to custom crafted marine products throughout every phase of the fabrication and manufacturing process. Boat owners and professionals alike, in the marine industry, have come to expect superior quality from Hurley Marine and we are proud of the outstanding reputation that Hurley Marine has established for marine products that?s known globally.

We are highly commitment to innovative marine products! And, as one of the world’s leading marine accessory manufacturers, we know that the delivery of quality products is made possible by the talent and dedication of our elite staff.

At Hurley Marine, we view the professionalism of our administrative staff and crew as an important part of our continued success. It’s not […]

Electric Winch Added to the Hurley H3O Davit

Electric Winch as an option
Hurley Marine has added a 12VDC Electric Winch as an option for retrieval on the already popular H3O Davit system.  

This Winch has been specifically designed for the H3O Davit and your needs.  It includes a 12 Volt DC Electric Winch, Winch Line with Stainless Steel Carabiner, Whiplash Dampening Sleeve for Winch Line, 3/4″ X 3′ Stainless Steel Winch Arm, Remote Control, Solenoid Box, Circuit Breaker and Wiring Harness.
12VDC Winch has been specifically designed for the H3O Davit
The Winch is now sold as an add-on or as a standard option.  This winching system takes all the work out of dinghy tender retrieval.

The H3O Dinghy Davit system is designed to allow the safe retrieval and stowage of a rib dinghy / hard hulled tender, Jet Ski (works great with the Sea-Doo Spark) using the linear bunk system for your boat or dock.


Hurley Marine at the 2015 Sydney Boat Show

Hurley Davit Line in Sydney Boat Show
Sydney Boat Show runs July 30 to August 03, 2015 and is the start to the largest recreational marine event in the southern hemisphere.  In the wet berthing at the “Premier Marine Stand” in Darling Harbor, Carl Ronning, Hurley Marine Authorized Distributor, will be hosting his new Regal and the Hurley Davit line.
“We are extremely excited to have our Davit line so proudly exhibited by such qualified people”, said Todd Hurley, President and CEO of Hurley Marine.

Stop and see the Hurley Davit line and say Hello to Carl at the 2015 Sydney Show.

Carl Ronning
CR Trading Pty LTD
M 0418 215 504 / P 02 9453 3004 / E [email protected]

New Australian Distributor Announced

Australian Distributor
Hurley Marine, Inc., is proud to announce Carl Ronning, based in Sydney, as their sole Australian Distributor, for the Hurley Davit line.

Captain Todd Hurley, President and CEO for Hurley Marine, commented “We warmly welcome aboard Carl as our Distributor for Australia who has impressed us with his experience and knowledge of the local market.”  Carl added “I have been seeking a solution for tender stowage on swim platforms for a number of years, and the Hurley Davit systems are brilliant solutions. I am very happy to be working with Hurley Marine, and know that through their expertise and unique designs, we can now offer all our customers a quality alternative to what is currently available.”

For pricing, and further technical information please contact Carl. Trade and new Dealers enquiries welcome.

Carl Ronning
CR Trading Pty LTD
M 0418 215 504 / P 02 9453 3004 / E [email protected]

Talk of the Dock

Talk of the Dock
Talk of the dock . . .  This is what they have been saying about us . . .



H3O Dinghy Davit Update

Hurley’s H3O Dinghy Davit System is Strong and Stable!
The H3O dinghy davit has now been time tested and going very strong.  This new davit system has proven itself in the retrieval of inflatables to the Sea Doo Spark Jet Ski and more . . .  We have put a weight load limit of 425 pounds on this davit but this system has proven itself well beyond.  Some customers have even stretched the limits by hitting the 650 pound mark with just a few minor adjustments.

CAD software was used throughout the product development cycle of this complex and unique design which allows this rugged davit system to winch your tender on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.

Another special feature of the H3O dinghy davit is the adjustable and removable winching system. The stainless steel retrieval arm is adjustable from 3′ to 5′, depending upon the length of your tender, and is easliy removed for storage while underway.

In order for […]

Importance of our Dinghy Davit Worksheet

Online Dinghy Davit Worksheet
Dinghy Davit Worksheet – When you are looking to order a Dinghy Davit, the first step is filling out our Online Dinghy Davit Worksheet. We do not keep measurements on file based on vessel or dinghies types, because all combinations are different.  We absolutely want to make sure the Davit system we recommend is going to work with your set up.
We do not keep measurements on file based on vessel or dinghy types . . .

The online Dinghy Davit worksheet will ask for Platform Length, Width and Depth. We ask how high the platform sits off the water because the higher the distance, the harder the retrieval. As for the dinghy, we need to know the length and the beam of the dinghy. This will tell us how much of the dinghy will be able to sit on the platform and which size mounts will work. Also […]

Hurley UK Distributor Announced

Hurley Marine, Inc. is proud to announce BHG Marine, based in Lymington England, as the sole Distributor in the UK and Ireland, for the Hurley Davit line.
Hurley Dinghy Davits ? have 3 different models, which accommodate many sizes of inflatable boats and tenders. Allowing easy storage of a tender on the swim platform of many craft, and offering an easy launch and retrieval system for all hard or soft bottom inflatable, tender or Jet Ski.  No other boat dinghy davit compares. These systems allow the outboard motor to stay fitted when launching and retrieving, and the davits can easily be removed and stored, when the swim platform is in use.

Captain Todd Hurley, President and CEO for Hurley Marine, commented ?We warmly welcome aboard BHG Marine as our Distributor for the UK and they have impressed us with their experience and knowledge of the local market.? Paul Martin from BHG Marine […]

Send Product Pictures

Customer product pictures . . .
We at Hurley Marine are looking for your pictures and video’s.  We have just launched a new web site and would like our customers to send in their hi-rez jpeg photo’s of Hurley Dinghy Davit’s, Hurley Underwater Lights or other Hurley products as so we can add them to the web site.

Send pic’s/vid’s to:  [email protected], subject line “Product Pictures.” If you happen to send us an exceptional photo(s) or video(s), we may just send you a nice gift.

All photographs and video’s become the exclusive property of Hurley Marine, Inc. and will not be returned.

Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show – We’ll Be There!
Hurley Marine will once again be headed to the Miami International Boat Show in February.  We have been attending this show for years as it?s a great opportunity for us to rub elbows with customers from across the globe.

This is Florida’s largest annual event and spans three locations?the Miami Beach Convention Center, the New Yacht & Power Boat Show at Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail® at Miamarina at Bayside? featuring more than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the globe. There’s no better place to preview the new boating season!

Stop and see us!
February 12-16, 2015
Sea Isle Marina, booth #727

Proud NMMA Member.

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