Dealer Terms

By applying to become a Hurley Marine Dealer, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:


  • New Dealers must purchase a minimum of three flagship products, excluding accessories, in order to start receiving dealer pricing. Dealer pricing begins at 20% off of retail with better pricing based upon sales performance.
  • Dealer must maintain yearly sales to continue receiving Hurley Dealer Pricing.
  • Dealer pricing does not include discounts on accessories or add-ons.  It is the dealer’s responsibility to maintain up-to-date pricing.  We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.
  • Payment options:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner’s Club, Company/Cashier Checks, Bank Wire Transfers.  Payments must clear our bank before your order ships.
  • Hurley Marine, Inc. products are for in-store sales only and cannot be used for rental or any other use.
  • Dealer agrees to offer these products at the full manufacturer’s suggested retail price, but not to exceed or underprice MSRP (shipping, taxes, tariffs may be added).  Any exceptions must be approved in advance by Hurley Marine, Inc.  It’s the Dealer’s responsibility to check for price updates.
  • Dealers will uphold Hurley Marine’s image by handling concerns and customer service issues expeditiously and professionally so that Hurley Marine Product trade-marks will retain their value in the marketplace.
  • Reproduction of Hurley Marine products, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.
  • You must provide a web link to us on your website so we all get the exposure: At that time Hurley Marine will include you on their “Dealer Locator” page for customers to easily find you.
  • Please review the consumer’s Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability and Terms & Conditions.
  • In the event that a repair must be performed, Hurley Marine, Inc. will not authorize repairs to their products. All warranty work must be performed by Hurley Marine, Inc.
  • All trade secrets, business plans and procedures, client contacts, and other confidential information of Hurley Marine are proprietary and may not be used by you in any way.
  • We reserve the right to revoke an agreement without notice.
  • By accepting this Dealer Application you agree to these terms.