Hurley Marine Inc. has achieved significant growth and success in Europe. The innovative davit systems developed by Hurley have caught the attention of leading Scandinavian retailer Watski. Watski has opted to add Hurley Marine’s state-of-the-art davit systems to their portfolio, which further solidifies Hurley Marine’s reputation as a top-notch marine equipment manufacturer.

Martin Harding, MD of GMA, who represents Hurley Marine in Europe, stated, “We are very pleased that Watski has chosen to add Hurley Davits to their range, which is a testament to the increasing consumer demand that we are seeing from this whole region.”

Watski Product Manager Max Waldhauer added, “At Watski, we pride ourselves on constantly monitoring the market to identify new and innovative products. It’s clear that the Hurley Davits offer a well-designed, quality solution that simplifies the whole process of launching and retrieving small boats or jet skis. I am confident that this new range will be a success for us.”

The recent addition of Watski’s range to Hurley’s portfolio marks a significant milestone in their growth and expansion strategy. The move provides Hurley access to the Scandinavian market. This presents a promising opportunity for Hurley to further establish themselves as a leading supplier of innovative davit systems. Their exceptional engineering and innovative design have earned them a strong reputation in the industry.  As a result of this development, Hurley Marine is now poised to expand its customer base. They provide excellent solutions that meet evolving needs. Their success testifies to their pursuit of excellence.

  Hurley H3O+ Davit