Fish ConTroll Introduced at Hurley Marine

With Hurley Marine’s new Fish ConTroll, avid anglers can focus on one thing while out on the water:  The next biFish ConTrollg catch.  This system acts as a fisherman’s cruise control, maintaining boat speed based on desired hook speed while trolling.

To consistently catch fish you need to know lure speed, sub-surface temperatures, and depth.  That’s what the Hurley Fish Con-Troll™ does and more.  It will maintain boat speed, in all conditions, at your desired lure speed depending upon your preferred fish species to make for precision trolling.

The Hurley control relays important speed information from the downrigger ball to the angler and the kicker motor to maintain lure speed. When trolling against the current, the angler must slow the boat down to keep the lure working at optimal speed; trolling with a current, the angler needs to speed up, the ConTroll does this for you.

🐟 Key Features

  • Precision Electronic Kicker Throttle Control
  • Auto/Manual – maintains desired Lure Speed
  • High & Low Gain adjustments
  • Internal GPS
  • Suction Cup Mount for Easy Placement

🐟 Model Descriptions

  • Model FCT-616FH includes Hurley Fish ConTroll™ & ConTroll Hub with Plug & Play Wiring Harness for the Fish Hawk™
  • Model FCT-616 includes Hurley Fish ConTroll™ & ConTroll Hub
  • Model FCT-616WH includes Plug & Play Wiring Harness for the Fish Hawk™

If the FishHawk™ system is installed and used in conjunction with our Fish ConTroll™ and special wiring harness, then topside lure speed will be maintained.

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