Muskrat Exhaust Guards . . .

Hurley Muskrat Exhaust Guards . . . Did you know that boat insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by “vermin”, which includes muskrats & otters.  Hurley Marine, Inc. to date, is the only manufacturer that produces an inexpensive and easy to install Exhaust Guard. The Hurley Marine Muskrat Exhaust Guard is 316 stainless steel, adjustable and install inside the exhaust ports.  Guards are adjusted outward by stainless rods creating friction to the inside of the port, with no penetration to the hull and installs in minutes.  Local boat yards may custom make them for you but that takes time and is very costly.

Hurley Marine Muskrat Guards are also known as an Exhaust Mixer for when backing down on fish to mix the exhaust with water to keep the fumes from entering the cockpit or to just minimize the diesel soot on the stern of your boat.

Muskrat in Boat Exhaust.