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Muskrat Otter Exhaust Guards ®

Muskrat Otter Exhaust Guards are made from a High-Performance Composite material and are adjustable to fit inside exhaust ports. The guards are installed without penetrating the hull and can be adjusted outward by stainless steel rods, creating necessary friction on the inside of the port. The installation process is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes to complete. The protection is available in various sizes, depending on the size of the exhaust, allowing for a perfect fit.

A naturally safe repellent has been applied to our muskrat guards to aid in the deterrent of rodents.

Styles may vary.  Sold in pairs.

First, select your size, then enter your Exhaust Hole Size (required). To properly measure, see below  

Sold in Pairs . . .  Call us if you just need one guard.

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Exhaust Port Hole Size

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Muskrat Otter Exhaust Guards ®


Muskrat Otter Exhaust Guards ® . . .   Any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger, is at risk.  A Muskrat, Water Rat, Otter, or other vermin, can and will, swim up the exhaust.   They chew through a coupling hose to the inside of the boat or make a den.  This also includes boats with underwater exhausts.  Rodents & vermin usually look for underwater entrances, leading upwards to hollowed-out chambers. This is how many boats sink, even while tied to the dock. Protect your investment! Marine insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by 'vermin', which includes muskrats & otters.

Don't take these rodents lightly . . .  protect your investment!

None of us have the time, nor the money, to deal with these nasty rodents. Hurley Marine Muskrat Guards are adjustable and installed inside the exhaust ports which create a screen of protection. Guards are adjusted outward by stainless rods, creating friction to the inside of the port, with no penetration to the hull. Installs in minutes.  Protection is available in different sizes, depending on the size of your exhaust port. This product is also known as an Exhaust Mixer for when backing down on fish it will mix the exhaust with water to keep the fumes from entering the cockpit or to just minimize the diesel soot on the stern of your boat.

"Featured in the Product Showcase of the 2011 Miami International Boat Show . . ." 

Measuring your exhaust port:  It's important that we get the correct measurement of both exhaust portholes.  We have found that both exhaust ports may not be the same size.  A 1/4" can make a difference for a bad fit. To properly measure, take a piece of semi-rigid wire and wrap it around completely in the circumference (inside) of the exhaust port.  Lay your wire out and measure that length, now divide that measurement by 3.14 (π PI) to determine the hole size. My Muskrat Story  » Muskrat Guard Instructions  »

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3-½" to 5" – $179.95, 5-¼" to 7-¼” – $289.95, 7-½" to 10" – $399.95, 10" to 12-¼" – $499.95

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  1. JB

    Perfect. I have had problems with muskrats and found you on the net. Thanks for the protection!

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