Shopping for a Davit

Keep These Questions in Mind When Shopping for a Davit . . .

1. Start with customer service when first contacting a davit manufacturer.

a. If you can’t or don’t get the answers you are looking for when you first contact them then don’t expect it to happen after the sale.  b. Is there someone available for help if a problem arises during installation?  c. Is there a return policy and warrantee?  Most reputable manufacturers should offer at least a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

2. Is the manufacturer reputable?

How long have they been in business? If davits are the only product they offer, they may not be around for very long nor will they have ample personnel to back you up.

3. Shop for your davit before buying a new dinghy.

Size does matter when it comes to the perfect tender and davit system. Don’t forget to consider your needs and accommodations for both. Keep in mind that the latest and fanciest model might not be right for you.  Weight and size is always a factor!

4. Be prepared!

Make sure you know all the important measurements i.e.: Swim platforms internal width, Platforms depth (transom to edge), Distance from top of platform to the water, Beam of dinghy, Weight of dinghy and any platform obstructions. These are all important and don’t assume that the manufacturer has those numbers. Example: two vessels of the same make, model and year could still have different measurements for the platform because the manufacturer could have changed its platform design sometime during production.

5. Make sure the company asks you questions pertaining to your measurements, weight, etc.  

Weight, size, height off of the water, your strength, etc. are all major factors in retrieval of a tender.

6. What Accessories Will You Need?

Buying the davit won’t be complete without also buying important accessories. Common accessories that you’ll need are Straps to tie your dinghy down with and Pad-eyes, unless you have cleats on the outer edge, to strap them to. Another good idea is an Outboard Motor Strap. That will keep the motor in the up-right position, even in heavy seas, as the common motor stands are not very reliable.

We live in a world with lots of options so make sure you’re buying from a reputable company and ask questions.