LED Light Package, Sea-Vue® underwater lights have four high-intensity 10-watt LED array in a thermally conductive plastic housing (no corrosion) that incorporates a revolutionary clear 90° acrylic housing creating a huge beam spread.  This innovative design creates greater light dispersion and magnification for a dynamic underwater lighting effect.  Overheat sensors and low and high-voltage shutdown are all in this self-contained housing.  There is no additional driver or power supply to install.  To aid in its cooling while lit, we’ve designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra-long life span. Easy maintenance!

A pair of white LED Sea-Vue® lights produce a radius light glow of 60′ in the Caribbean Sea. These powerful lights come in either white, blue, green, or red.  It is ideal for any boat wanting a high-intensity LED surface mount or simply add a bracket to be used as Trim Tab lights or Dock lights.

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