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Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light

A high-quality heavy-duty Dock Light that can be easily moved to a new location at any time.  The bright high-intensity Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light was created for the dock owners that want to dramatically illuminate the water.  Engineered to be extremely rugged and reliable, this unit provides incredible light output in a compact, cost-effective package.  All of the electronics are integrated into the watertight housings.

The Dock Light can be purchased with one or two light housings.  The two light pipe works great for a 2 berth well, shining on each vessel.

Package includes:

  • 1 or 2 LED Sea-Vue™ Lights
  • 3′ 6″ Stick with mounting
  • Control Box with photocell
  • 110v or 220v reduced to 15v

Have questions or looking for a custom setup, give us a hail.  Made in Michigan . . .  Sold Globally!

Warning:  The light output of the Sea-Vue is only for the serious-minded.

Please send us pictures once you have your new lights installed.

LED Sea-Vue™ Dock Light

The Hurley Dock Light has four high intensity 10 watt LED array in a thermally conductive plastic housing (no corrosion) that incorporates a revolutionary glass convex lens producing a 75º beam spread.  This innovative design creates greater light dispersion and magnification for a dynamic underwater lighting effect. Overheat sensors and low and high voltage shutdown are all in this self-contained housing.  To aid in its cooling while lit, we've designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra-long life span. Easy maintenance!

The white LED Sea-Vue™ dock light produces a radius light glow of 60' in the Caribbean Sea.  These powerful lights come in either white, blue, green, or red.  Power is 110v or 220v reduced to 15v, ideal for any dock.  The power cable from the light stick to the control box is 3' long and the power cable from the control cable to the plug is 3'.

Hurley Marine's engineering and technical team has been at the forefront of the high-intensity LED revolution for years.  The Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ provides the peace of mind in knowing that it was designed by boaters for boaters in a company with years of experience in manufacturing marine products for recreational and commercial applications. Made in the USA.

The Sea-Vue light produces twice (2x) the output than the OceanLED™ Amphibians A12 Pro Series!

Available in: WhiteBlueGreen, and Red.

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Single Dock Light – $679.00, Double Dock Light – $1179.00


Chemically Resistant Polymer


Convex Borosilicate Glass


4 x 10w High Intensity LED's


40 watt per housing


75 degree


125V 30AMP Marine Plug


3 amp @ 12v / 1.5 amp @24v per housing


44,000+ hours


4200 – white


3 feet / 0.9144m