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H3O Winch and Arm Assembly


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H3O Winch and Arm

H3O Winch:  4:1 Braking Hand Winch, with AmSteel®-Blue Winch Line, Stainless Steel Carabiner, and Handle.

  • H3O Braking Winch includes – Adjustable 3′ Stainless Steel Winch Arm.  SKU#:  H3O-1213WA
  • H3O+(PLUS) Braking Winch includes –  Stainless Steel Winch Inserts.  SKU#:  H3O-1115PLUSWA
  • Replacement Manual Winch includes – Line and Carabiner SKU#:  H3O-1213MW

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This item is for use with the H3O and H3O+ (PLUS) Davits.

90 Day Warranty

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