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H3O Recommended Tie-Down Method

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H3O Recommended Tie-Down Method.  Hurley Davit Systems require at least 3-points to tie the tender down.  One at the bow, one at the stern and another over the inboard pontoon.  More tie-downs can be added if needed!  We've included illustrations below to help show you how your dinghy davit should be tied down.  Note:  This is for reference only! Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!  Click photo to expand! Our Three-Point Package includes: 3 Stainless Steel Ratchet Straps Adjustable Strap 1" x 6', LOA Breaking Strength:  1500 pounds Working Load Limit:  500 pounds Stainless Steel Carabiners Color:  White Will not stretch or bleed when wet! 3 Stainless Steel Folding Padeyes Use #10-12 flat head screws or bolts Backing Plates Optional For use with all Hurley Davits: H3O, H2O & Traditional Davits.

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H3O Davit System – Dinghy Davit

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H3O Davit (Hurley's 3rd Option) system This H3O davit system is specifically designed to allow the safe retrieval and stowage of a rib dinghy / hard hulled tender (works great with the Sea-Doo Spark) using the linear bunk system. The stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint and a clear deck for any activity.  Another special feature of the H3O davit system is the adjustable and removable winching system.  The stainless steel retrieval arm is adjustable and is easily removed for storage while underway. Easily mounted on the swim platform, this hassle free davit system lets you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.  Always available in an emergency. In order for the H3O to work for you your platform will need to have the workable depth (transom to swim platform edge) of at least half of the beam of your tender, as [...]

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20 Great Boating Tips to Fix Minor Ailments

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Boating Tips to have your boat ready to rock once the weather begins to warm. Boating Tips to Fix Minor Ailments . . . 1. Get a Grip . . .  Place sandpaper around a filter - between filter and filter wrench - to make removal of greasy, slippery fuel and oil filters easier. 2. Screwed . . .  You broke a screw off flush, or nearly so, and need to extract it?  Cut a slot with a Dremel tool grinding-wheel attachment, and then remove it with a screwdriver. 3. Wing Ding . . .  Replace wing nuts on battery terminals with lock nuts (typically three-eighths-inch for positive and five-sixteenths-inch for negative) for season-long resistance to loose connections due to vibration. 4. Third Hand . . .  A pair of mini locking pliers is a great substitute for a helper when you need to tighten fasteners penetrating bulkheads, decks or other areas where [...]

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New Boating Safety App From ABYC

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Simple Safety App Checklist Safety App - Boat Essentials-USCG Safety Gear is a simple checklist app to help you identify the safety items you are required to have onboard your boat and make suggestions on other items that will make your boat safer and more comfortable. Can be used for all powered and non-powered boats operated in the United States and territories waters. This app also contains features to help you maintain your boat, buy supplies for your boat, and to notify you of important dates. Get your USGS Boating Safety App As a result of a U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Nonprofit Grant, the app was developed by Ken Cook Company. It includes suggestions on other items that will make the boat safer and more comfortable. It can be used on powered and non-powered boats that operate in the waters of the United States. App features: Stores information on up to [...]

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Dinghy Davits – Did you Know?

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Davits Dinghy Davits . . . Hurley Marine, Inc. pioneered the original swim platform davit of it's kind over a decade ago.  Since the original, named our "Traditional", our research and development (R&D) team have worked to provide the consumer with the very best in design and quality for versatility and years of enjoyment. We believe that you should enjoy taking your tender along but not sacrificing your vessel's performance.  The low profile storage position provides exceptional stern visibility with none of the performance-robbing kite flying drag. Our rugged systems let you lift and pull your dinghy on for easy storage or just push off for launching.  Easily mounted on the swim platform and can be installed while the vessel is in the water. These systems are offered in three models -  Traditional Davit, H2O Davit and our newest H3O Davit.  These systems allow you to store your inflatable boat with your outboard on [...]

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Another Muskrat Tale . . .

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How I Stopped Muskrats from Getting into my Boat Exhaust Port Here is my encounter with far too many Muskrats. The manufacturing of my product couldn't come soon enough, to combat these vermin. Here is my story: 11/03/10 Not sure if you heard yet, but I have had some Muskrat problems. Early this year I had started to design an adjustable Muskrat Guard for exhaust ports. As busy as I was this summer, between work and play, I somewhat dropped the ball but picked that ball back up a few weeks ago. I was just about there with a prototype, but a day late. I had taken my boat to Harbor Town last Saturday and had left it there for Capt. Niemo (John) to pull on Monday. Well, I had gone back down there on Sunday to do some minor end of the season work and while in the engine room I heard some noises. After a [...]

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Hate Drilling Holes in Your Boat?

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Everyone hates drilling holes in their boat but sometimes it's a must. Drilling Holes??  Carefully plan your installation before you perform an installation. You know what they say, Measure twice, drill once! Before proceeding to drill check carefully to ensure that the hole will not affect the operation of other equipment in close proximity, nor compromise the integrity of the structure. Before drilling holes mark the position. It is good practice to use masking tape on the surface to be drilled then drill the hole through the tape. This will avoid scratching/chipping of the surrounding surface. Then, with a counter sink bit, lightly counter sink the surface.  This keeps spider crackes from forming after the bolt or screw is tightened down. After drilling and counter sinking the hole(s), apply a marine grade sealant (3M 5200) to the cut surface to ensure it is completely sealed against the ingress of moisture [...]

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Amazing Uses for WD-40 Use at Boat or Home

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Great, Easy-To-Do, Tips WD-40 to protect a bird feeder   To keep squirrels from taking over a bird feeder, spray a generous amount of WD-40 on top of the feeder.  The pesky squirrels will slide right off. Get off that stuck ring  When pulling and tugging can't get that ring off your finger, reach for the WD-40.  A short burst of WD-40 will get the ring to slide right off. Remember to wash your hands after spraying them with WD-40. Remove chewing gum from hair  It's one of an adult’s worst nightmares: chewing gum tangled in a child’s hair. You don't have to panic or run for the scissors.  Simply spray the gummed-up hair with WD-40, and the gum will comb out with ease.  Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when you spray and take care to avoid contact with the child's eyes. Waterproof boots and shoes  Waterproof your [...]

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Five Good Reasons to buy Trim Tab Lights

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Trim Tab Lights.  You and Your Boat Deserve the Best Design! 1. First and foremost, by using Trim Tab Lights there is no penetration to the hull below the waterline. The only hole is a small 1/4" hole through the transom above the water-line for the power cable. This design does not jeopardize the integrity of the hull as thru-hull lights do. Thru-hull lights require large holes below the waterline and boast that the lamp can be replace from inside the boat. Unfortunately most of us don't have the room in our engine room to perform this maneuver. 2. A perfect designed underwater lighting system should be easily attached to the top-side of your trim tabs and adaptable to most leveling systems without having to drill a lot of holes in the tabs. 3. Underwater Lights mounted to your Trim Tabs are now fully adjustable (up and down) by using [...]

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Things to consider when shopping for a Davit

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Shopping for a Davit Keep These Questions in Mind When Shopping for a Davit . . . 1. Start with customer service when first contacting a davit manufacturer. a. If you can't or don't get the answers you are looking for when you first contact them then don't expect it to happen after the sale.  b. Is there someone available for help if a problem arises during installation?  c. Is there a return policy and warrantee?  Most reputable manufacturers should offer at least a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. 2. Is the manufacturer reputable? How long have they been in business? If davits are the only product they offer, they may not be around for very long nor will they have ample personnel to back you up. 3. Shop for your davit before buying a new dinghy. Size does matter when it comes to the perfect tender and [...]

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