Selecting a Hurley Dinghy Davit

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Hurley Dinghy Davit . . .  One of the pleasures of cruising is anchoring out at your favorite gunkhole and launching the dinghy and taking in the sights of the area or visiting other boats.  It’s a great way to meet new friends.  But if your dinghy is not very accessible or difficult to launch, you will not likely use it often.

All tenders require adequate storage, a dinghy davit.  Towing is not always practical and can be risky in bad weather.  The same goes for on-deck storage;  a heavy wind and you may lose it.  But if you properly set up your boat with the proper davit system, your dinghy will provide trouble-free service.

However before you select your dinghy davit system, you’ll need to choose the right dinghy for your boating needs.  Do you prefer a rigid dinghy or inflatable?  Remember punctures are very common with inflatables.  Where will it be used on the high seas or inland waters? How big do you need her?

Many of the answers to storage locations and systems lie in how large it is and much your dinghy weighs.  Fill out our Hurley Dinghy Davit Worksheet and let us help!