Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System

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Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System ® (Hurley’s 3rd Option) . . .  the Hottest Dinghy Davits on the market!

The rugged Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System lets you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.

  • CAD design software was used throughout the product development cycle of this complex design yet simple for easy use.
  • Impressive combination of design and function with superior quality & craftsmanship.
  • Universal linear bunk design to fit a multitude of hull designs.
  • Made of Marine Grade High-Density Polyethylene for strength and to reduce friction during retrieval and launching.
  • Ideal for high swim platforms, docks and/or heavy tenders.
  • Our revolutionary new stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint profile that could pull a barge.
  • Easily mounted on the swim platform and can be installed while the vessel is in the water, in most cases.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

H3O stats

  • Braking Hand Winch included.   Electric winch available.
  • 3′ to 5’ adjustable and removable winch arm.
  • Overall weight:  53 pounds (24.04 kg)
  • 400 pounds (181.43 kg) capacity.
  • H3O Davit Extension available.

If you need more room on your platform for your tender, add a Davit Extension.

Review our Recommended Tie-Down Method

Ask about our special Highfield Dinghy Davit Inserts.


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The Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System ®

Hurley H3O Davit

The Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System ® is specifically designed to allow the safe retrieval and stowage of a rib dinghy / hard-hulled tender, using the linear bunk system for on your boat or dock.

The H3O Dinghy Davit ® has an adjustable and removable winching system.  The stainless steel retrieval arm is adjustable from 3' to 5', depending upon the length of your tender, and is easily removed for storage while underway.  The H3O Dinghy Davit is ideal for tenders up to 10'6" (3.23m) long and not more than 400 pounds (181.43 kg) capacity.  A davit extension is available for smaller platforms.

The system has two small stainless steel mount plates that requires only a total of four bolts for the install and only stands 5/8" high ( 2 included).   This mounting system provides a quick release leaving a clear deck for any activity.  Mount Covers are available.


Easily mounted on the swim platform, these hassle-free systems let you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.  Always available in an emergency.

In order for the H3O Dinghy Davit ® to work for you, your platform will need to have the workable depth (transom to swim platform edge) of at least half of the beam of your tender, or more, dependant upon tender weight, as well as other configurations of your vessel.  Give us a hail or fill-out our Davit Worksheet to let us help you figure it all out!

Make Sure it says "HURLEY" . . .  Made in Michigan, Sold Globally!

Featured in the 2015 Miami International Boat Show "Innovation Award Program"

Featured in the "Product Showcase" of the 2015 Miami International Boat Show...

Featured in the 2014 METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

H3O Purchase includes: H30 Dinghy Davit ®, Braking Winch with Retractable Arm and Mounts.  Mounting bolts are not included. Shipping weight 53 pounds.

Two Year Warranty on the davit, 90 days on the winch.

Fill-out our Davit Worksheet to help us determine if the H3O will work for you.

H3O Dinghy Davit ®
H3O Instruction Manual  »
H3O Mounting Template  »
H3O Extension Instructions  »
H3O Electric Winch Instructions  »

Dinghy Davit Gallery  »


Additional Information

Weight53 lbs
Dimensions37 × 13 × 8 in
Select Davit Model

H3O w/ Hand Winch – $2,889.95, H3O w/ Electric Winch – $3,489.95, Black H3O w/ Hand Winch – $2,889.95, Black H3O w/ Electric Winch – $3,489.95

In order for the H3O to work for you your platform will need to be at least 30″+ in depth (transom to swim platform edge) as well as other configuation measurements of your vessel and dinghy. Give us a gail to let us help you figure it all out!.

Davit Worksheet - How to Measure for a Dinghy Davit

  • Boat & Platform Info

    We'll need a few measurements first. Use this image for reference.


  • Measurement from Transom to Edge of Swim Platform.
  • Distance from Top of Platform to the Top of your Transom.
  • If so, please describe and make sure that you also upload photos. (see below)
  • Dinghy Info

  • Pictures help! Submit an image or two of your swim platform here.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 6 MB.
  • Submit another image.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 6 MB.
  • Submit another image.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 6 MB.

12 reviews for Hurley H3O Dinghy Davit System

  1. Jeff H Evans

    After having various versions of davits on prior boats with varying levels of complexity, I searched for davits that were simple, had a small footprint and I could operate single handed with a 10′ RIB and 15 HP outboard. The H30 delivered all my requirements and more.
    Installed on my 460 Express in 2016, I now have 5 years experience on the Great Lakes with the H30 and it has never let me down. Thank you Hurley for engineering an elegant solution.

  2. Henrik Andresen

    Hi there!

    Wanted to send You pics after installation and purchase of the new GTI (90). This is the only davit I could use! Works fine! Thanks to You I didn’t have to settle for The Spark.

    Best Regards,
    Henrik Andresen

  3. Marty Russon

    You are a genius! Thanks for an incredible davits system. I bought your H3O hand crank davit system. There are so many positives I dont know where to begin. In a word, it worked! I have looked for quite some time for a davit solution that would allow me to load and unload my hard bottom dinghy with a Mercury 9.9 4 stroke all by myself. My bad back really appreciates what you have created in the H3O. Great job!

    Marty R

  4. Ron

    We purchased your Opriginal davit to carry our 10 foot AB RIB with its 4hp motor. Over the few years we owned it (we’ve now given it to a friend) we realized it was not the right choice for our 45 foot Sea Ray Sundancer. Its swim platform is 18 inches off the water and the angle needed to haul it up made it increasingly difficult to get the AB up onto the swim platform.
    The solution, AND IT REALLY WORKS, is your H3O! Thank you Todd!

  5. Chris C

    I installed this on a 2003 Rinker 342FV with an AB9.5AL RIB and 9.9hp Mercury. I tried another brand of a pull on type and to say it was difficult to pull up is an underestimate. Finally purchased the H3O after talking with the people at Hurley if there was enough room to use it.

    The H3O is amazing! Effortless to load/launch, secure on the platform, dingy secure. Easy install. Had several people come look at it at a raft off party this weekend too. Definately worth the price.

  6. Edward

    I had the H2O and it works good. But since i upgraded my dinghy to a bigger one it was a two man job to pull it up. Now I upgraded to the H3O and even my wife can deal with the dinghy. This product has change the way we used to enjoy our dinghy becase before i drop it to the water only if necesary, now I put it in the water every time we anchor and enjoy our platform more. Thanks Hurley Marine from Puerto Rico!

  7. Bryan

    This is a super cool unit. It allows me to put a jet ski on the back on my 34 ft Sea Ray Sundancer (340). Boat runs fine with it on the back. I am so happy. Bryan

  8. David Toney

    Hi Todd,

    Finally got the H3 installed. Works great with the Spark which is about 1/2 weight of other sea doo models. Just thought I’d share.

    David Toney

  9. Mark Gust

    The H30 is the best new marine product I have seen in a lifetime of boating. If you have a heavy dinghy and/or a higher swim platform this is the BEST solution. FINALLY I can launch and retrieve my Zodiac easily and quickly by myself. Without the H30 I had to recruit others to help me pull it up or remove the motor to lighten it. Now with the H30 I am now seriously considering adding a SeaDoo Spark as a new “toy” for our boating fun because I know I can easily haul and retrieve it. Before this H30 I was actually considering a hydraulic swim platform or a crane as an option.
    Happy Boating Everyone!
    Mark / Lake St Clair MI

  10. Kenneth Sverre

    I have used the H30 on my Sealine SC35 this summer too lift a 330 Rib, it works perfect. Experienced sailors have been impressed how easy it works.

    Thank you!

    Kenneth Sverre

  11. Woody Bailey, Jr.


    I finally had a chance to try out my H3O this past weekend and it worked great for my Sea-Doo Spark.

    Woody Bailey, Jr.

  12. Lynn

    Awesome davit system! Thx Hurley Marine.

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