Hurley Boat Drain Plug LightsDrain Plug Lights

Drain Plug Lights are a great little light, with tons of power and are an innovative and inexpensive underwater lighting system for boats of all sizes. Perfect for the stand-alone light on a small fishing boat, for livewells, dock lights, or to complement other underwater lights.

This 12/24 volt light system is designed to easily screw into your garboard drain with 1/2″ NPT threads. No penetration to the hull!  The drain hole remains sealed if the light bracket is broken off.  Replace the drain plug bracket and re-use the light.

This light can be easily removed from the bracket to be used as a flush mounted light.

The LED Drain Plug Light housing is constructed of Polyvinyl Chloride so there is no corrosion problems and extends out from the transom by 2″. Each light is fitted with an impressive high intensity 10 watt LED that incorporates a revolutionary glass convex lens producing a 75° beam spread.

Overheat sensor and low and high voltage shutdown are all in this little self-contained housing, there is no additional driver or power supply to install. To aid in its cooling while lit, we’ve designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra long life span.